About Me

I’m an engineer by trade who has taken the leap into engineering management.  I’m an Eagle Scout.  I enjoy reading, biking, weight lifting, video gaming, writing software, woodworking, and a slew of other things.

Most importantly, I’m a father of three girls and married to someone who surprisingly is willing to put up with my eccentricities.


I try to keep my LinkedIn profile up to date.  Feel free to look over my professional experience there.  If you think I’m a great fit for a position I’ll be happy to speak with you, but please do not call me at work.

My profile can be viewed here.


Since I don’t get to do a lot of software work at work, I find that in order to “scratch that itch” I dabble on the side.  So, I’ve put together a few applications that I’ve found useful as the need arises:

  1. ScannerManager – my step father has a scanner that uses a protocol to allow the user the ability to reprogram the frequencies it scans.  This is a great feature except the software to work with it was trash.  So, I made some custom software for him.
  2. ImageResizer – my wife and a friend of ours were resizing hundreds of images to sell baby clothes on eBay, and they were doing it by hand.  So, I wrote this software to perform batch resizing of images.
  3. DirectoryListing – a friend needed a way to quickly generate a list of files in a base directory and all sub directories as a CSV for a customer.  This program makes easy work of it and has lots of different options.
  4. Plank Flooring Randomizer – my wife and I recently put hardwood floors in our family room.  Instead of just getting all of the same widths, we got 3, 4, and 5″ widths, which makes for a neat look but also requires that you don’t create a pattern or run out of one width well before the others.  This program automatically generates a random pattern (and confirms if you have enough wood) based on a few settings.

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