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Abby’s dance class

Abby finished up her summer dance class session last week. She went once a week for 6 weeks for ballet and tap. She did very well following her teacher and learning some of the french terms. In fact her teacher recommended signing her up for the 6 and 7 year old class if she was going to continue in the fall because she would be bored in the 4 and 5 year old class by Christmas. But when we would ask her if she liked dance class we got lukewarm responses so I think we will pass on signing up for the monthly payments and recital costs for now. 😉 I think starting preschool will be enough activities for now. If she starts asking about them again we may reconsider. Here she is on the last day, she is on the right in the blue leotard and skirt.

Abby dance

8 months and crawling (kind of)

I have held off on Mia’s 8 month update because she has been so close to crawling and I wanted to announce that news. She had been going from sitting to all fours and back for a few weeks now and finally crawled a few steps yesterday at church.  But she still does most of her moving by rolling and army crawling.  It is hard to get that >97% weight up of the ground and moving. 🙂

Mia also can do high five and is working on waving bye bye.  She is getting her 6th tooth which is good since she hates baby food and only wants to eat what we are eating. She had been known to growl if we aren’t giving her the food everyone else is eating or feeding her too slow. She continues to love watching her sisters and the dogs play.

Mia at 7 months
This is a vides we took a couple weeks ago of her in the jumperoo. She loves it! She doesn’t mind being on her belly now and has just started to really roll around when you lay her on the ground. Once she works up her arm muscles to hold up her >97% weight she can start working on crawling. Mia has 3 teeth and is working on cutting her fourth. She also loves her feet!!! I remember Ella and Abby discovering and liking their feet but Mia brings it to a whole new level. She will hang onto them and babble occasionally chewing on them.

Mia – 5 months

For her 5 month birthday today Mia rolled over. She had been really close for a few weeks now but this evening as she was playing on her mat she rolled over for the first time. I called daddy over and she did it again. And then I had her do it again so we could take a video (see below). Then she started crying saying her parents were exploiting her talents. 🙂

Mia has also started solids. She isn’t the biggest fan of baby food unless it is something really good, like peaches, but she loves getting small bites of whatever the rest of us are eating. She is still a good night sleeper, although she occasionally wakes up to talk to the birds at 4:30 or 5 in the morning but usually goes back to sleep. Naps are still a work in progress. Mommy has had a couple fun afternoons when neither Mia or Abby has napped even though they both need it.

[pe2-image src=”” href=”″ caption=”” type=”video” alt=”20130514_182143.mp4″ ]

Mia the talker

I don’t remember either Ella or Abby being quite so chatty …

[pe2-image src=”” href=”″ caption=”2013-04-05 20:27:46″ type=”video” alt=”2013-04-05 20:27:46″ ]