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Update about Elizabeth!

Need to catch up …

Taking a look at the blog I realized that there are a lot of events I recorded on Facebook but not on our blog. I’m not under the impression that someone is out there anxiously awaiting my blog posts but I do like to look back at them from time to time and it is much nicer to do that on the blog than Facebook. And I’m much more likely to do this as a digital scrapbook of the kids than make a physical scrapbook, like out of paper … who uses paper anymore? 😉

Bhahaha .. I just discovered I can pre-date my posts. No one will ever know I did them in some cases months after the fact.

Goodbye Lily

I didn’t get to say goodbye and give you one last hug but know that you are loved and missed.

It seems like just yesterday we were driving back from Canada with Lily on my lap. It’s hard to believe she world have been 11 this month.


Lily loved people,  she never met anyone she didn’t want to greet by jumping on,  licking or both. 

Lily has always loved kids and would always want to stop and play when we would see some on our walks.  When Ella was a baby she would always check the house and find out where Ella was located.  She especially loved it once the girls got a little older and would feed her from their highchairs.

Lily never liked for you to be upset or crying, she would come over, lay down and nuzzle you. One night baby Ella was having a particularly bad night and we couldn’t get her to settle down, I had to convince Lily it really was ok the baby was crying.  After several long minutes of laying down Lily stood up gave a big sigh and went downstairs to find somewhere quiet where she wouldn’t have to listen to all the crying.


Lily loved playing in the snow and going for walks/runs and was really in her element if you combined the two.  Even as her arthritis got worse if you mentioned the word “walk” she would scramble the best she could to her feet and bark excitedly.

Lily’s health had been deteriorating this past year, her arthritis was getting worse and she developed bladder stones.  We knew her time was getting closer especially once her sister Claire passed, she just wasn’t the active dog she once was.  Knowing it’s coming and that it’s for the best doesn’t make it easier to say- goodbye Lily.

Hugs and kisses.


Abby at 5

It was a drawn out birthday season for Abby this year,  but she loves being 5.  We had a Frick girls combined friends/cousins birthday party mid January, a party at the nursing home with Jeremy’s family and then cousin Rhory’s birthday,  sister Ella’s birthday,  Aunt Nicole’s birthday, and then FINALLY Abby’s birthday.  She had a countdown going for each event. 

She was a little disappointed to learn she had to wait till next fall to go to kindergarten but she loves her preschool friends and teachers.  She loves going to school and always figures out an item to bring for the sound box at school that starts with the letter of the week. Abby is doing really well with counting,  basic math and letter sounds. She doesn’t like to work on writing her letters at home,  she tells me she does that at school. 😉

Abby loves to build houses out of blocks and Legos or Duplos and play with her various figurines. Hello Kitty and friends are her current favorites. She wasn’t into it at first but now she absolutely loves playing Super Mario 3d world, and is always asking to play. She is starting to really like her swim lessons but is still working on jumping into the deep end on her own.

Abby continues to be the most laid back sister and likes to play at home.  She always tells me to do my errands while she is at school so she can stay home and play because “going to the store is boring”. 






Ella at 8

I post more on Facebook these days but I still wanted to do a post on the blog for posterity. 😉

Ella continues to be a great big sister (most of the time). She has learned to adjust her playing from 7/8 years old at school and her younger sisters at home.  She can be the typical 8 year old imp at times but we try to keep that reigned in. She has also started to use sarcasm, wonder where she gets that from … must be daddy 😉 .

Ella is still loving 2nd grade.  She comes home and plays school with all the dolls. They all have names and back stories. Ella’s favorite subject is math and goes to math enrichment once a week at school and has “bonus” math to work on when she finishes the regular class work.  She has started doing Sodoku for fun too. Ella likes to read nonfiction and has been known to look stuff up on Wikipedia.

Ella is still taking piano lessons with Grammie’s Carol and is getting better about practicing.   She joined girl scouts this year and took swim lessons in the fall and will take some more this spring.   She is quite the little swimmer now. She also loves to play video games on her computer or the Wii u they got for Christmas from Santa.






Mia is 2

Our baby is 2! Mia turned 2 on Sunday December 14th. She had a busy day. Her cousin Anya shares the same birthday so we went to Anya’s party at lunch time and celebrated Mia’s birthday later in the afternoon. Mia had been eyeing up Ella pink Build a Bear so we took her to the mall to build her own. Here she is modeling her Minnie bear.



Mia is very vocal at 2, much more so then her older sisters were at this age. She is starting to speak in sentences already. In case you can’t tell from the pictures she loves Minnie mouse. In fact she thinks anything worth Minnie on it should be hers. She also loves playing hide and seek and doing anything her older sisters are doing.

She did great at her 2 year check up today. The nurse was very impressed with how well Mia followed her directions while getting her vitals [see below, spoiler alert she is still big]. The doctor did say some kids do drop a nap around 2 but to keep trying because sometimes it is just a phase. Mia has been staying up and talking in her crib at nap time the past few days. Mommy is hoping it is just a phase. 😉

Height: 35.75″, 92%
Weight: 32 lbs 7 oz 96%
Head: 20″, 97%

House Worth

Last week we received a postcard in the mail from a real estate agent stating she had serious buyers looking to buy in our neighborhood and to let her know if we were looking to sell our home in the near future. I was telling Jeremy about it and Ella heard us talking …

Ella: well … we can’t sell our house … I don’t ever want to move.
Sarah: what if they gave us like a million dollars? we would have to take that
Ella: Mom, I  think it would need to be more like 9 million.
Jeremy: $250,000? Sold! And then we would buy a bigger plot of land.
Ella: Daaad!!!

I guess Ella thinks this is how much our house is worth. 😉


Look how big I am


Height 33.75″, >97%
Weight 26 lb 15 oz, 90%
Head 19.3 cm, >97%

Mia’s 15 month appointment was today, two days after she turned 16 months. She showed the doctor how big she was by running away when the Dr. wanted to look in her ears, throwing a fit and refusing to lay still, unzipping, unsnapping and opening mommy’s purse and scribbling all over the back of the 15 month questionnaire. They decided to give her shots in the arm instead of legs because she is so strong and stubborn that it would be easier to hold her arm still. The Dr. said Mia appears to be quite independent and to expect more temper tantrums (which she has already started showing signs of) and that Mia has advanced fine motor skills for her age.

She also had no explanation for Mia’s random puking last night. She said it could have been caused by post nasal drip (from her never ending colds) or excess saliva from teething or from no real reason at all. How helpful! 😉  It certainly didn’t bother Mia at all she stopped cried a bit, puked and then went in her merry way.

4 year old checkup

Height: 41.5″ and 82% – Probably going to end up taller than Ella. (Just looked it up Ella’s stats, she was more than an inch shorter and 7 pounds lighter at her 4 year check up.)

Abby had her 4 year old checkup last week. The best news for her was NO SHOTS! But she will need two next year before school, so it is a case of just delaying the pain. She is doing great. The doctor was impressed with all that she could do. Some of the items on the checklist were knowing 4 colors and jumping, she could do that a year ago. Having an older sibling really helps with that sort of thing, Ella has Abby doing math and working on site words while playing school. Abby does get to be the dance teacher when they play school.

Abby has definitely gotten to the emotional age, as an example on the way home from the doctors Abby started crying in the car. I asked what was wrong and she sobbed “I’m sorry, I can’t tell you … I don’t know”.


Can we go again tomorrow?

Ella and Abby enjoyed their first “real” sledding experience today. I’ve pulled them around in the yard and they’ve played on the huge snow plow hills at our house but today was our first visit to a sledding hill. They loved it!

Afterwards Abby asked if we could go again tomorrow and she is the one who ended up with a sledding injury. She scraped her check on the icy snow when she fell getting off on her second run. But she didn’t want me to look at it, she wanted to keep sledding. We went to the hill across the street from penfield wegmans. It was nice because there was a smaller and bigger side to the hill. After going down once with me Ella was ready to go by herself on the big side. I went down with Abby on the big side and she went on her own on the smaller side. She probably would have been fine on the big side too but we discovered the saucer sleds were best and we only had two of those so I made Abby share hers. 🙂

We were having too much fun today for mommy to take pictures. Guess we will have to go back again sometime …