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Mia’s big adventure

Well actually since she slept through most of it it is more like mommy’s nightmare …

Mid morning was filled with rushing around trying to get ready to go to lunch with Jeremy – “Abby you need to wear long pants to preschool playdates even if you are not cold right now”and “Mia you cannot play with the outlets … how did you get that open? NO!” (somehow she opened the plastic on the closed package of cleaner? Next time I’ll just ask her when I can’t get out open.).

But we get out the door somewhat on time, pick up Rhory and get to the rec center. I get Abby and Rhory out, close the door and go to get a sleeping Mia and realize her door is locked and I DON’T HAVE THE KEY!! I can see it on the seat, I must have set it down on the seat when I was helping the older kids get their backpacks on. So I run Abby and Rhory in to class and ask to use their phone (my purse is in the car because I didn’t need it to just being the kids in).  The nice lady at the desk let me use her cell phone so I could make my calls outside and keep an eye on Mia who was still sleeping.  So I called Grammie Carol Frick to go get our spare key. I called Jeremy to make sure he didn’t have it with him but he didn’t answer his phone. I knew he had a meeting and it was a strange number so I called a few more times thinking he might pick up but he didn’t. Carol can’t find the key so I go inside and call 911based on their advice.  After which Jeremy returns my call and says he has the other key to my car at work. The police show up just as Mia is waking up and are able to get the door open, yeah!!

Mia’s hands were a little cold since she refuses to wear gloves but otherwise no worse for wear.  Mommy is frazzled (but is that really any different from normal?) But I’m just glad she was asleep and wasn’t crying the whole time.

I had many people ask if I needed help and the people at the rec center were great, they even brought the bobcat over so I could sit inside it and still keep an eye on Mia.

So thank you to anyone who stops to help someone out. I know from first hand experience how thankful they are for your help.

Mia’s 12 month appointment

Length 31.5” , 96th%
Weight 24lbs 11oz, 90th%
Head 19”, 97th%

So she is still a big girl. 🙂 She has outgrown most of her 18 month clothes. Her older sisters didn’t wear 24 month clothes till summer time so Mia has gotten some new clothes – pretty unheard of for the 3rd girl. The doctor said Mia is doing great and that she can see her molars are all coming in. She seems to get them in bunches, she got the first 7 all in a row and now 5 more. Mia was not a big fan of the 3 shots or the blood work they do at 1 year. Poor baby. 🙁

Mia is also advancing on the walking front, she is up to 4 or 5 steps now before she decides crawling is faster. Any day now she will be running instead of crawling.

Happy 1st Birthday Mia!

After 2 parties (Frick and Peterson sides of the family) and a trip to Build a Bear I think we can officially say we have celebrated Maria Evelyn’s first birthday.

It has been a busy, fun, and crazy year. It was a adjustment for mommy to stay home all the time but was the right decision for our family schedules at the time. Who knows what this year will bring.

At 1 years old Mia is crawling like a champ and standing on her own and taking a few steps but not truly walking yet. She can say Dada, mama, and this (while pointing at something). She also signs milk, eat and all done. She loves her sisters and always wants they have – food, toys, art supplies, etc. Mia also likes to cuddle and has started giving kisses.

Since no one can be perfect I will say Mia has been the worst sleeper of the girls, probably because she doesn’t use a pacifier or stick her thumb like the other girls did.  We are trying to encourage a lovey for sleeping but so far she seems to like Abby’s giraffe the best – sorry Mia not an option!