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Dinner with Santa at church.  I contemplated not going, Jeremy is out of town, I had to take all three girls to Abby’s swim lesson,  it was close to the younger two’s  bedtime but I’m glad we went.  Mia was so excited to see Santa at dinner … as long as he didn’t get too close.   She loved when he read a book about the real meaning of Christmas but she wasn’t sure about a picture [as you can see].  Ella and Abby had a good time talking to Santa and liked listening to his story.  Abby was relieved when I said she didn’t have to sit on his lap, she could just stand next to Santa. An improvement from last year when she hid behind Mia’s stroller and said “Santa can check my Amazon wishlist”.


Mia is 2

Our baby is 2! Mia turned 2 on Sunday December 14th. She had a busy day. Her cousin Anya shares the same birthday so we went to Anya’s party at lunch time and celebrated Mia’s birthday later in the afternoon. Mia had been eyeing up Ella pink Build a Bear so we took her to the mall to build her own. Here she is modeling her Minnie bear.



Mia is very vocal at 2, much more so then her older sisters were at this age. She is starting to speak in sentences already. In case you can’t tell from the pictures she loves Minnie mouse. In fact she thinks anything worth Minnie on it should be hers. She also loves playing hide and seek and doing anything her older sisters are doing.

She did great at her 2 year check up today. The nurse was very impressed with how well Mia followed her directions while getting her vitals [see below, spoiler alert she is still big]. The doctor did say some kids do drop a nap around 2 but to keep trying because sometimes it is just a phase. Mia has been staying up and talking in her crib at nap time the past few days. Mommy is hoping it is just a phase. 😉

Height: 35.75″, 92%
Weight: 32 lbs 7 oz 96%
Head: 20″, 97%

“Camping” Vacation

Just got back from a great vacation. I called it “camping” because we did stay in a cottage and not a tent at Old Forge Camping. Jeremy’s parents and siblings (and families) went too, so 8 adults and 7 kids in all. Everyone did their own thing during the day and we ate dinner and did camp fire together in the evenings. Our family went hiking up Bald Mountain. We made it 98% of the way to the top but decided against doing the last rocky bit at the top with the kids (Jeremy had Mia on his back). Once they got into it Ella and Abby had a blast. Mia fell asleep in the carrier for part of the time. We also went out in a paddle boat and a canoe, spent some time playing at the beach and in the lake.

Mia’s 19 month appointment

Well it was supposed to be 18 months but we got behind. Here are her stats …

Height: 35″, >97%
Weight: 29 lbs 9 oz, 94%
Head: >97%

So she is still big. 😉 I looked up Ella and Abby’s numbers since it seems like Mia is much taller than they were at this point. They were both only 32.5″ at 18 months. It will be interesting to see if Mia ends up taller than her big sisters.

The doctor was impressed with Mia’s language. She says quite a few words – mama, Dada, Ella, baba (Abby), doggie, keys, bye-bye, ball, no, woof, baaa, mooo, and maaa animal sounds. Her latest word is Minnie for Minnie mouse, her favorite character. She can also point out many body parts. She can say ‘no’ and we have taught her sign language for ‘yes’ which helps a lot. We can ask her yes or no questions when she is starting to head for a tantrum.

Mia wants everything her sisters have, a big girl cup, barbies, silverware, go on rides at Seabreeze, climb up the slide (which she can do by herself see photo below) and especially markers. She pounces on any marker or glue stick left out by her sisters. Luckily they are washable!


Mia at 18 months

It’s hard to believe that Mia is 18 months already, time flies! Mia loves to play outside. She climbs up the ladders and slide on our playset and likes to use the big girl swing instead of the toddler swing. She also likes riding in her stroller or the bike trailer.  Mia loves to read books with mommy or daddy and watches Mickey mouse clubhouse. She also likes to find and use the markers, glue sticks and scissors her big sisters forget to put away.  Mia takes one nap a day and is still our best eater. She loves meatballs, eggs, yogurt and fruit. She will usually even try the vegetables we put on her plate.


Easter Trip

Ella and Abby were super excited because they slept over at 2 grandparents houses last week; Carol/Fred during Ella’s spring break and then Mindy/Greg for Easter weekend. We had a great trip to Altamont to see Grandma Mindy and Grandpa Greg. An Easter egg hunt, helping pick up sticks for the church/parsonage cleanup day, playing battleship, and dyeing eggs were the highlights. All three kids ate and enjoyed the ham this year, Abby even asked for some at breakfast the next day!

More pictures from the weekend here.


Look how big I am


Height 33.75″, >97%
Weight 26 lb 15 oz, 90%
Head 19.3 cm, >97%

Mia’s 15 month appointment was today, two days after she turned 16 months. She showed the doctor how big she was by running away when the Dr. wanted to look in her ears, throwing a fit and refusing to lay still, unzipping, unsnapping and opening mommy’s purse and scribbling all over the back of the 15 month questionnaire. They decided to give her shots in the arm instead of legs because she is so strong and stubborn that it would be easier to hold her arm still. The Dr. said Mia appears to be quite independent and to expect more temper tantrums (which she has already started showing signs of) and that Mia has advanced fine motor skills for her age.

She also had no explanation for Mia’s random puking last night. She said it could have been caused by post nasal drip (from her never ending colds) or excess saliva from teething or from no real reason at all. How helpful! 😉  It certainly didn’t bother Mia at all she stopped cried a bit, puked and then went in her merry way.

Springtime, it was fun while it lasted.

It is snowing as I write this but the girls had lots of fun playing outside the last few days when it was so nice. Mia would very when it was time to go inside.  She was so insistent on going out today that I had to open the door and show her how cold and wet it was outside.  Here are a few pictures showing how the girls enjoyed the nice weather.  Notice how Mia can climb up the big swingset by herself.