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Frozen artwork

Abby and Ella are still loving all things Frozen.  They have both read the chapter book based on the movie and know all the words to the songs. They even put on a play based on the movie. Here they have each drawn Elsa and Anna.

(Elsa is the one with the green head and you can kind of see her braid on the side of her head.)




Perfect kite weather

Ella and Abby finally got to test out their kites from the Easter bunny. Ella said “wow, the Easter bunny picked out done great kits. These are much better than the kites from the dollar store!” We did fly them in the front yard since Ella’s dollar store ended up in the big tree in the backyard earlier this spring. Abby did manage to get hers stuck in the little tree in the front yard but I could reach and the bend the branch to get the kite out. She also managed to get the string stuck in the Velcro on her shoe and on her ponytail holder!?! We still have both kites and the girls had a blast. It was the perfect windy sunny afternoon activity.



Easter Trip

Ella and Abby were super excited because they slept over at 2 grandparents houses last week; Carol/Fred during Ella’s spring break and then Mindy/Greg for Easter weekend. We had a great trip to Altamont to see Grandma Mindy and Grandpa Greg. An Easter egg hunt, helping pick up sticks for the church/parsonage cleanup day, playing battleship, and dyeing eggs were the highlights. All three kids ate and enjoyed the ham this year, Abby even asked for some at breakfast the next day!

More pictures from the weekend here.


Springtime, it was fun while it lasted.

It is snowing as I write this but the girls had lots of fun playing outside the last few days when it was so nice. Mia would very when it was time to go inside.  She was so insistent on going out today that I had to open the door and show her how cold and wet it was outside.  Here are a few pictures showing how the girls enjoyed the nice weather.  Notice how Mia can climb up the big swingset by herself.





4 year old checkup

Height: 41.5″ and 82% – Probably going to end up taller than Ella. (Just looked it up Ella’s stats, she was more than an inch shorter and 7 pounds lighter at her 4 year check up.)

Abby had her 4 year old checkup last week. The best news for her was NO SHOTS! But she will need two next year before school, so it is a case of just delaying the pain. She is doing great. The doctor was impressed with all that she could do. Some of the items on the checklist were knowing 4 colors and jumping, she could do that a year ago. Having an older sibling really helps with that sort of thing, Ella has Abby doing math and working on site words while playing school. Abby does get to be the dance teacher when they play school.

Abby has definitely gotten to the emotional age, as an example on the way home from the doctors Abby started crying in the car. I asked what was wrong and she sobbed “I’m sorry, I can’t tell you … I don’t know”.


Sledding Pics from last week

“Sledding pictures from February break”

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Can we go again tomorrow?

Ella and Abby enjoyed their first “real” sledding experience today. I’ve pulled them around in the yard and they’ve played on the huge snow plow hills at our house but today was our first visit to a sledding hill. They loved it!

Afterwards Abby asked if we could go again tomorrow and she is the one who ended up with a sledding injury. She scraped her check on the icy snow when she fell getting off on her second run. But she didn’t want me to look at it, she wanted to keep sledding. We went to the hill across the street from penfield wegmans. It was nice because there was a smaller and bigger side to the hill. After going down once with me Ella was ready to go by herself on the big side. I went down with Abby on the big side and she went on her own on the smaller side. She probably would have been fine on the big side too but we discovered the saucer sleds were best and we only had two of those so I made Abby share hers. 🙂

We were having too much fun today for mommy to take pictures. Guess we will have to go back again sometime …

Happy Birthday Abby!

Abby is excited to finally be 4. We had her friends/family party on the 2nd and she was excited to get another little party tonight. Daddy made Mickey mouse pancakes and mommy cut up strawberries to turn them into Minnie mouse pancakes. She also got to go to target and pick out a toy earlier today. She picked a Barbie tent. Which weirdly enough was more involved than putting up a real tent. I put my engineering degree to good use today. 🙂

Abby is enjoying her preschool playdates class at the rec center and is looking forward to “real” preschool next year. She loves to read books, play Barbie, and dance.  She wears a tshirt and a tutu skirt almost everyday.She has learned how to really annoy her older sister by copying everything she does. Abby is usually pretty quiet and laid back but had officially reached the silly 4 year old phase where she will say the craziest things and just stay laughing.

Here she is with her new Barbie tent


And the cake she helped decorate, she really likes sprinkles


And the photo bombs …