Monthly Archives: December 2015


Dinner with Santa at church.  I contemplated not going, Jeremy is out of town, I had to take all three girls to Abby’s swim lesson,  it was close to the younger two’s  bedtime but I’m glad we went.  Mia was so excited to see Santa at dinner … as long as he didn’t get too close.   She loved when he read a book about the real meaning of Christmas but she wasn’t sure about a picture [as you can see].  Ella and Abby had a good time talking to Santa and liked listening to his story.  Abby was relieved when I said she didn’t have to sit on his lap, she could just stand next to Santa. An improvement from last year when she hid behind Mia’s stroller and said “Santa can check my Amazon wishlist”.


Happy 3rd Birthday Maria


Our baby is 3, where has the time gone?  In some ways she seems older than that and in other ways she is definitely still our baby.  Her vocabulary and thought process is more advanced than her sisters at this age but she is much more likely to whine and cry than they were if we don’t understand what she is saying or if we do understand and tell her no.

Maria loves to read books and sing songs. She knows her colors and shapes, can count to be 20 and can name some written numbers and letters.  She likes art projects with tape and glue.  Her favorite shows and toys are Minnie Mouse and Peppa Pig.