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Summer Soccer

After playing T-ball this spring Abby decided that maybe soccer would be more fun so we signed her up for the rec center summer soccer league. I had asked her several times in the past but I guess it took her sister signing up to make Ella decide she wanted to try soccer too. So that is how the Frick family ended up at soccer fields (pitch) 3 nights a week this summer. Mondays and Wednesdays for Ella and Tuesdays for Abby. Abby played on her cousins’ team at least we had someone else to talk to while watching all the 4 and 5 year olds either sit in the field or all swarm the ball.

Abby and Ella both enjoyed soccer and want to do the indoor league later this fall. Neither of them are overly aggressive. We had to tell them it was ok to keep going after the ball until you or someone else on your team gets the ball. Abby was concerned about letting the other team get a turn with the ball. Ella was at a bit of a disadvantage because most of the kids she was playing with had played for a few years already. She ran around a lot but didn’t necessarily touch the ball that much. But she was running around having fun and seemed to take the constructive critism from her coach fairly well. Not so much if mom or dad tried to tell her the same thing. Ahhh, parenting an 8 year old. 😉

Here are some action shots of Abby and Ella.

They both were always excited when it was their turn to play goalie.

Need to catch up …

Taking a look at the blog I realized that there are a lot of events I recorded on Facebook but not on our blog. I’m not under the impression that someone is out there anxiously awaiting my blog posts but I do like to look back at them from time to time and it is much nicer to do that on the blog than Facebook. And I’m much more likely to do this as a digital scrapbook of the kids than make a physical scrapbook, like out of paper … who uses paper anymore? 😉

Bhahaha .. I just discovered I can pre-date my posts. No one will ever know I did them in some cases months after the fact.

Abby goes to Kindergarten

Abby has anxiously been waiting for this day since she finished preschool last spring. Her first day of school she gets to go with mom and dad. The buses pick up the older kids (like big sister Ella) at the normal time the first day and then go back out to pick up the kindergartners and their parents. Abby thought it was cool that you didn’t have to wear a seatbelt on the bus. At school we all went to Abby’s classroom to meet the teacher and get her settled. After that the kids stayed in the classroom and the parents went to cafeteria to meet the new principle and the support staff at the school. We all went back home on the bus and got home in time for lunch. A pretty short first day.

Abby the Kindergartner

Abby and Daddy on the bus

And here she is on her first full day of school getting on the bus with her sister. 2 down 1 left at home.


3rd Grade

Ella’s movin’ on up to the elementary school after 3 years at the primary school. She will still ride the same bus, the bus drops off at both schools, so Abby and Ella will ride the same bus be at different schools. Ella is excited to start Math lessons again and to go to the library because it is on the 3rd floor of the school.