Monthly Archives: August 2015

There’s always room for Jello

After several months of being a dog free home Jeremy and I decided we were ready to get another dog. We had been debating getting a puppy or an older dog. There are pros and cons to both of them. Ella had been looking up information and writing persuasive essays on getting a golden retriever for our family. It was a breed that Jeremy and I had already been talking about so we talked to a golden retriever breeder who lives nearby but decided we weren’t quite ready for another dog. We did tell her that if she ever knew of an older dog to keep us in mind. A few months later shortly after we decided we were ready for another dog and were starting our search for a dog we got a call back from the breeder that she had a 2 year old female available She brought “Jello” over to our house for a visit and we decided that she would be a good fit for us but the timing was slightly off. We were going camping the next week and then would be watching Jeremy’s aunt’s puppy for 10 days. Kathy, the breeder, was nice enough to have Jello spayed while we were on vacation and keep her at her house recovering until we were done watching the puppy. Ella, Abby and Mia enjoyed watching and helping out with the puppy and were really excited to get our dog afterwards. Jello has settled in nicely. She is really calm for a 2 year old. She does like to retrieve – shoes, remotes, toys. A nice side effect of getting Jello is that the girls finally better about keep their toys in the toy room (aka dining room). Jello does occasionally get the “zoomies” and run around crazy in the yard. The girls, especially Mia, think this is hilarious. They love to throw the ball for her.