Monthly Archives: March 2015

Goodbye Lily

I didn’t get to say goodbye and give you one last hug but know that you are loved and missed.

It seems like just yesterday we were driving back from Canada with Lily on my lap. It’s hard to believe she world have been 11 this month.


Lily loved people,  she never met anyone she didn’t want to greet by jumping on,  licking or both. 

Lily has always loved kids and would always want to stop and play when we would see some on our walks.  When Ella was a baby she would always check the house and find out where Ella was located.  She especially loved it once the girls got a little older and would feed her from their highchairs.

Lily never liked for you to be upset or crying, she would come over, lay down and nuzzle you. One night baby Ella was having a particularly bad night and we couldn’t get her to settle down, I had to convince Lily it really was ok the baby was crying.  After several long minutes of laying down Lily stood up gave a big sigh and went downstairs to find somewhere quiet where she wouldn’t have to listen to all the crying.


Lily loved playing in the snow and going for walks/runs and was really in her element if you combined the two.  Even as her arthritis got worse if you mentioned the word “walk” she would scramble the best she could to her feet and bark excitedly.

Lily’s health had been deteriorating this past year, her arthritis was getting worse and she developed bladder stones.  We knew her time was getting closer especially once her sister Claire passed, she just wasn’t the active dog she once was.  Knowing it’s coming and that it’s for the best doesn’t make it easier to say- goodbye Lily.

Hugs and kisses.