Monthly Archives: December 2014

Mia is 2

Our baby is 2! Mia turned 2 on Sunday December 14th. She had a busy day. Her cousin Anya shares the same birthday so we went to Anya’s party at lunch time and celebrated Mia’s birthday later in the afternoon. Mia had been eyeing up Ella pink Build a Bear so we took her to the mall to build her own. Here she is modeling her Minnie bear.



Mia is very vocal at 2, much more so then her older sisters were at this age. She is starting to speak in sentences already. In case you can’t tell from the pictures she loves Minnie mouse. In fact she thinks anything worth Minnie on it should be hers. She also loves playing hide and seek and doing anything her older sisters are doing.

She did great at her 2 year check up today. The nurse was very impressed with how well Mia followed her directions while getting her vitals [see below, spoiler alert she is still big]. The doctor did say some kids do drop a nap around 2 but to keep trying because sometimes it is just a phase. Mia has been staying up and talking in her crib at nap time the past few days. Mommy is hoping it is just a phase. 😉

Height: 35.75″, 92%
Weight: 32 lbs 7 oz 96%
Head: 20″, 97%