Anniversary Cruise – St. Kitts

Our third stop was in Basseterre, St Kitts. We did a Mount Liamuiga Volcano Hike Tour offered by the cruise ship. It was listed as a strenuous tour, but we had been on cruise ship “strenuous” tours where we couldn’t figure out what was actually strenuous. This one was actually fairly physically demanding, we had to climb up some rocky areas making me wish yet again for longer legs. 😉 Within 5 minutes we had left 4 people behind with one of the three guides because they were “less skilled” in the words of our lead guide. The remaining 11 of us all made it the 2.5 miles up to the top crater of the volcano (3000 feet above sea level). The hike wouldn’t have been bad at all but they kept a fairly quick pace, it felt like we were almost running on the way down. I guess they wanted to make sure we got back before our ship left port. Luckily it was a little cooler than 90 degrees in the rain forest but it was still very humid so by the time we got back down Jeremy and I were both soaked with sweat.


Our guide, he was very knowledgeable about the rain forest and all the vegetation. It was interesting to see how everything from moss to ferns were much taller and bigger there. Guide

Halfway up:

Looking down into the crater:

At the top of our hike: