Anniversary Cruise – Curacao

After a day at sea we stopped at Willemstad, Curacao. We had booked an outside tour (not through the cruise ship) based on many favorable reviews at CruiseCritic. We went to the place and time specified in the email and there was no one there. We stuck around for a little bit longer in case they were on “island time” but no show. Jeremy emailed them using Curacao’s free wifi and got a very apologetic email about the mix-up with an offer for a deal next time we were in Curacao. So we walked back towards the cruise ship and went on an island tour with one of the many tour operators hanging out around the port terminal.

Curacao from the ship deck:

A picture of our ship, Jewel of the Seas, at port:

Several of the people on our tour were from Puerto Rico so he did the tour in both Spanish and English. He usually did the Spanish first so it was interesting to see how much I understood with my high school Spanish before hearing it again in English.

We drove around town and saw a lot of the colorful danish architecture, this is the most photographed building on Curacao, the Wedding Cake house, named because of it’s unique architecture. But our guide informed us it had nothing to do with Weddings or Cake, it was actually some sort of state building.

Our first stop was at The Curacao Liqueur Factory. The Spaniards had bought the orange plant to Curacao but in the arid climate the fruit it produced was much too bitter to be edible. It wasn’t until sometime later it was discovered the peels when thoroughly dried by the sun had a pleasing odor that anything was done with the plants.

We stopped at Mambo Beach for a bit.

And then had the tour driver drop us off downtown to wonder around a bit more. The floating bridge is pretty cool, they actually just move it off to side to let boats through.