Mia’s 19 month appointment

Well it was supposed to be 18 months but we got behind. Here are her stats …

Height: 35″, >97%
Weight: 29 lbs 9 oz, 94%
Head: >97%

So she is still big. 😉 I looked up Ella and Abby’s numbers since it seems like Mia is much taller than they were at this point. They were both only 32.5″ at 18 months. It will be interesting to see if Mia ends up taller than her big sisters.

The doctor was impressed with Mia’s language. She says quite a few words – mama, Dada, Ella, baba (Abby), doggie, keys, bye-bye, ball, no, woof, baaa, mooo, and maaa animal sounds. Her latest word is Minnie for Minnie mouse, her favorite character. She can also point out many body parts. She can say ‘no’ and we have taught her sign language for ‘yes’ which helps a lot. We can ask her yes or no questions when she is starting to head for a tantrum.

Mia wants everything her sisters have, a big girl cup, barbies, silverware, go on rides at Seabreeze, climb up the slide (which she can do by herself see photo below) and especially markers. She pounces on any marker or glue stick left out by her sisters. Luckily they are washable!