Look how big I am


Height 33.75″, >97%
Weight 26 lb 15 oz, 90%
Head 19.3 cm, >97%

Mia’s 15 month appointment was today, two days after she turned 16 months. She showed the doctor how big she was by running away when the Dr. wanted to look in her ears, throwing a fit and refusing to lay still, unzipping, unsnapping and opening mommy’s purse and scribbling all over the back of the 15 month questionnaire. They decided to give her shots in the arm instead of legs because she is so strong and stubborn that it would be easier to hold her arm still. The Dr. said Mia appears to be quite independent and to expect more temper tantrums (which she has already started showing signs of) and that Mia has advanced fine motor skills for her age.

She also had no explanation for Mia’s random puking last night. She said it could have been caused by post nasal drip (from her never ending colds) or excess saliva from teething or from no real reason at all. How helpful! 😉  It certainly didn’t bother Mia at all she stopped cried a bit, puked and then went in her merry way.