4 year old checkup

Height: 41.5″ and 82% – Probably going to end up taller than Ella. (Just looked it up Ella’s stats, she was more than an inch shorter and 7 pounds lighter at her 4 year check up.)

Abby had her 4 year old checkup last week. The best news for her was NO SHOTS! But she will need two next year before school, so it is a case of just delaying the pain. She is doing great. The doctor was impressed with all that she could do. Some of the items on the checklist were knowing 4 colors and jumping, she could do that a year ago. Having an older sibling really helps with that sort of thing, Ella has Abby doing math and working on site words while playing school. Abby does get to be the dance teacher when they play school.

Abby has definitely gotten to the emotional age, as an example on the way home from the doctors Abby started crying in the car. I asked what was wrong and she sobbed “I’m sorry, I can’t tell you … I don’t know”.