Can we go again tomorrow?

Ella and Abby enjoyed their first “real” sledding experience today. I’ve pulled them around in the yard and they’ve played on the huge snow plow hills at our house but today was our first visit to a sledding hill. They loved it!

Afterwards Abby asked if we could go again tomorrow and she is the one who ended up with a sledding injury. She scraped her check on the icy snow when she fell getting off on her second run. But she didn’t want me to look at it, she wanted to keep sledding. We went to the hill across the street from penfield wegmans. It was nice because there was a smaller and bigger side to the hill. After going down once with me Ella was ready to go by herself on the big side. I went down with Abby on the big side and she went on her own on the smaller side. She probably would have been fine on the big side too but we discovered the saucer sleds were best and we only had two of those so I made Abby share hers. 🙂

We were having too much fun today for mommy to take pictures. Guess we will have to go back again sometime …