Mia’s 12 month appointment

Length 31.5” , 96th%
Weight 24lbs 11oz, 90th%
Head 19”, 97th%

So she is still a big girl. 🙂 She has outgrown most of her 18 month clothes. Her older sisters didn’t wear 24 month clothes till summer time so Mia has gotten some new clothes – pretty unheard of for the 3rd girl. The doctor said Mia is doing great and that she can see her molars are all coming in. She seems to get them in bunches, she got the first 7 all in a row and now 5 more. Mia was not a big fan of the 3 shots or the blood work they do at 1 year. Poor baby. 🙁

Mia is also advancing on the walking front, she is up to 4 or 5 steps now before she decides crawling is faster. Any day now she will be running instead of crawling.