Happy 1st Birthday Mia!

After 2 parties (Frick and Peterson sides of the family) and a trip to Build a Bear I think we can officially say we have celebrated Maria Evelyn’s first birthday.

It has been a busy, fun, and crazy year. It was a adjustment for mommy to stay home all the time but was the right decision for our family schedules at the time. Who knows what this year will bring.

At 1 years old Mia is crawling like a champ and standing on her own and taking a few steps but not truly walking yet. She can say Dada, mama, and this (while pointing at something). She also signs milk, eat and all done. She loves her sisters and always wants they have – food, toys, art supplies, etc. Mia also likes to cuddle and has started giving kisses.

Since no one can be perfect I will say Mia has been the worst sleeper of the girls, probably because she doesn’t use a pacifier or stick her thumb like the other girls did.  We are trying to encourage a lovey for sleeping but so far she seems to like Abby’s giraffe the best – sorry Mia not an option!