Monthly Archives: November 2013

Logical Abby

Abby is definitely thinking things through for herself now, she doesn’t just take mommy and daddy’s word on things.  She it’s becoming quite the logical 3 year old.

1) Me: Abby go get your socks and shoes on, it’s time to get ready to go.
Abby: I just want to wear my sneakers, no socks.
Me: it is snowing, your ankles will get cold.
Abby: I’ll wear my boots then … with no socks, my ankles will be covered.

2) Abby: I’ll have some grape juice to drink
Me: We only have room for 1 juice bottle and I already opened the Apple juice yesterday.
(Sound of refrigerator opening)
Abby : don’t worry mom there’s room right next to the ketchup now.

Abby’s Autumn

Abby and I have gotten into a routine the days Ella is at school. After Mia goes down for a nap in the morning mommy takes a quick shower and then we play board games or do puzzles. We race to see who can do the Minnie mouse puzzles the fastest. We have done them so often she can almost beat me.

She recognizes her letters and numbers and can write quote a few of them. She knows how to spell her name and can write her name and does simple math with teacher big sis Ella. Abby had been going to preschool playdates at the rec center and loved playing with the other kids including cousin Rhory.

Abby has also discovered it is lots of fun to copy your big sister, it is a really good way to annoy her.  Ella will change her food/beverage/toy/book choice if Abby picks the same thing.  But the other half ofc the time they play really well together. The joys of having siblings!

Abby does not want me to take her picture but here is one I got of her “watching” a movie a couple weeks ago.  And yes, I realize I am getting what I deserve since I never wanted my picture taken as a kid.  😉