Monthly Archives: October 2013

Mia’s 9 month appointment

Height 29.75″, 95th
Weight 23lbs 2oz, 94th
Head 48 cm, 95th

She’s still big but not as big, only 95% instead of >97% this time. And this is a first for our children (under the age of 3), her height percentage is bigger than weight. Mia quickly met her 9 month milestone test by ripping up the paper on the examining table and trying to crawl away when the doctor tried to look in her ears. Her ears are not infected anymore but there is still some fluid so we are on the lookout for a repeat ear infection since the whole family is fighting another cold.

At 9 months Mia
* has six teeth
* signs “milk” and “all done” and usually uses them in an appropriate situation
* likes to do high five, clap and play peekaboo
* crawls really fast
* pulls herself up and can stand for short periods of time on her own
* wants to eat whatever we are eating and will growl if we don’t give it to her
* loves fruit, especially mixed fruit cups
* wants to play with all her sisters toys, she really has no interest in “baby” toys anymore.