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Mia’s theme song this week

Sung to the tune of If you’re happy and you know it

If you’re cranky and you know it, cry and whine *waa waa*
If you’re cranky and you know it, cry and whine *waa waa*
If you’re cranky and you know it and you really want to show it
If you’re cranky and you know it, cry and whine *waa waa*

Poor Mia had a cold last week but was in pretty good spirits considering mommy was wiping her nose every 5 minutes. But as her cold got better towards the weekend she started getting clingy and wanted mommy to hold her all the time. Mommy composed the song above in her honor. The *waa waa* part would usually get her to laugh. When she started getting up at night and not going back down on Monday and Tuesday I decided to make sure it wasn’t an ear infection before we got mean and let her cry it out. She didn’t have fever, but Ella and Abby never get fevers with their ear infections like they are “supposed” to. Sure enough working on a double ear infection … now I feel kind of bad about my song composition.

Apple picking

We went apple picking yesterday and the girls had a blast. The apple crop is great this year. We could have picked our whole bushel off of just one tree. Ella and Abby were a little disappointed that Daddy didn’t need to lift them up to get the higher up apples like last year when the pickings were slim. Mia got a little confused and starting picking leaves off the trees and trying to eat them. So we found a small apple for her to hang onto while the rest of us picked apples.

Today we made mommy’s favorite – apple crisp, yum!!

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Ella’s card to Mia


For those of you who can’t figure out first grade writing and spelling …

“Mia I love you more than my toys and stuffed animals and the flowers on the ground most of all I but love every last giggle you give me. To my very cute sister.”

Ella and Abby are so good with Mia and each other. Ella and Abby have days where they fight about toys or something else silly (like any siblings) but then other days they will play so nicely together. Or one will get the other their favorite blanket or stuffed animal if her sister isn’t feeling well. What great sisters!

Ella had the dubious honor …

Of being the first kid sent home from school this year. I got a call yesterday at lunch time that she was in the nurses office with a fever of 100.5 and wasn’t feeling well. She had been tired in the morning but didn’t complain about not feeling well. She is feeling better today but since she had a fever yesterday the nurse said she can’t come to school today.  Ella is very disappointed, she has been looking forward to first grade all summer.