Ella’s summer

While initially upset about there being no school in the summer Ella has found stuff to keep herself busy. She did 4 days of vacation at Daddy’s church, a week of day camp at the rec center, learned to ride her bike without training wheels and lots of swimming at Aunt Julie and Uncle Eamon’s pool. Just 2 weeks ago she couln’t even make it to the middle of the pool on her own and now she can go all the way across the pool on her own. I can’t wait to see how much she improves at her swimming lessons the next two weeks. While it will be a pain to drive Ella and Abby to the pool M-Th for lessons I know it will be good for them to build on their skills each day instead of waiting a week between classes. Unfortunately they only offered the classes we needed at back to back times so they will also learn patience while waiting for their sibling to finish her class. 😉