Monthly Archives: July 2013

Ella’s summer

While initially upset about there being no school in the summer Ella has found stuff to keep herself busy. She did 4 days of vacation at Daddy’s church, a week of day camp at the rec center, learned to ride her bike without training wheels and lots of swimming at Aunt Julie and Uncle Eamon’s pool. Just 2 weeks ago she couln’t even make it to the middle of the pool on her own and now she can go all the way across the pool on her own. I can’t wait to see how much she improves at her swimming lessons the next two weeks. While it will be a pain to drive Ella and Abby to the pool M-Th for lessons I know it will be good for them to build on their skills each day instead of waiting a week between classes. Unfortunately they only offered the classes we needed at back to back times so they will also learn patience while waiting for their sibling to finish her class. 😉

Mia at 7 months
This is a vides we took a couple weeks ago of her in the jumperoo. She loves it! She doesn’t mind being on her belly now and has just started to really roll around when you lay her on the ground. Once she works up her arm muscles to hold up her >97% weight she can start working on crawling. Mia has 3 teeth and is working on cutting her fourth. She also loves her feet!!! I remember Ella and Abby discovering and liking their feet but Mia brings it to a whole new level. She will hang onto them and babble occasionally chewing on them.

The forgotten middle child

It seems like I have done more posting about Mia and Ella lately, so I wanted to do an update all about Abby. She has been completely potty trained (inculding nights) for several months now. Yeah! We’ve had a few of accidents during the day when she is really tired. She is at that awkward phase of outgrowing her nap. So we have days where she is so tired she falls asleep in weird places at 5pm or is up till after 9pm because she took a nap that day. Abby got a bike this spring. She is a bit of a dare devil and likes to go “super fast” and then slam on the brakes. She also likes to oversteer and tip her bike over, which should be hard to do with training wheels. But she always yells “I’m OK”, usually before she even hits the ground. Abby went to a 4-day week of preschool day camp last week and loved it! Her favorite part was playing on the beach at the pond. Cousin Rhory went and liked it too so mommy and Aunt Julie signed them both up for another week in August!

Picky dog

So Lily has decided she doesn’t like the senior dog food we switched to after eating it for 2 weeks. I thought maybe she had eaten something she shouldn’t when she didn’t want to eat over the weekend. But then she kept circling Mia’s high chair for scraps. So I have her some turkey and she ate it up. I thought maybe her teeth were bothering her but she ate up the bowl of ice cubes I gave her today. Jeremy bought some of their old food today and she ate it no problem. Really? Our dog who eats her own poop is a picky eater?