Monthly Archives: June 2013

Serious about school

I bought Ella a workbook at bjs yesterday and ended up getting the second grade one since it looked like the first grade one might be too easy. When I told Ella that she said “the first grade one was too easy? I don’t know why they don’t make workbooks for people who take first grade seriouly. I am going to take first grade seriously next year.”

Ella’s last day of kindergarten

Today is Ella’s last day is kindergarten. She loves going to school and its sad there is no school in the summer. Ella learned a lot this year. She went from being able to read and write a few dozen words to reading well above the kindergarten level. She is really interested in math lately and has a notebook she writes and solves math problems in the car. We have even started doing simple multiplication and division and introduced negative numbers. Ella made a lot of friends at school and can’t wait to see who is in her class next year. Mommy and daddy are very proud of her!


Mia at 6 months


Mia loves to chew on everything, food, toys, her hands, the bulletins at church and she got her first tooth last week. She rolls over and can sit up on her own but she will randomly fall over reaching for toys or for no good reason at all.

Mia usually sleeps 12 hours at night and we have found she will nap longer if she takes 1 afternoon nap instead of two naps. She is a very happy baby when she is the center of attention but will cry if you are doing something else for more than 5 minutes. She loves watching her sisters and the dogs, she was absolutely fascinated by the dogs rough housing a couple weeks ago.