You can tell that Jeremy is in management now by his excessive use of Excel …

He “developed” a new spreadsheet for our charitable clothes donations.  Note: I agree that a spreadsheet was probably a better idea than the many notepad pages I would save in the filing cabinet till we would do our taxes but then again maybe not.

Sarah: 4 men’s shirts.
Jeremy: New, excellent, good or average condition
Sarah: 2 good, 2 average
Jeremy: Were they formal, semi formal or casual
Sarah: I guess these two would be semi formal and the others would be casual.
Jeremy: You think that shirt is casual?
Sarah: We have 4 f&$@!# shirts

One thought on “Shirts

  1. jeremy

    I can’t believe the abuse I take over trying to make our donation process more efficient. Note that in the end Sarah admitted that I was right. I believe the exact quote was, “You were right, Jeremy, I should never question anything you do ever again.” Something like that. I can’t remember exactly what was said of course. 🙂

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