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You can tell that Jeremy is in management now by his excessive use of Excel …

He “developed” a new spreadsheet for our charitable clothes donations.  Note: I agree that a spreadsheet was probably a better idea than the many notepad pages I would save in the filing cabinet till we would do our taxes but then again maybe not.

Sarah: 4 men’s shirts.
Jeremy: New, excellent, good or average condition
Sarah: 2 good, 2 average
Jeremy: Were they formal, semi formal or casual
Sarah: I guess these two would be semi formal and the others would be casual.
Jeremy: You think that shirt is casual?
Sarah: We have 4 f&$@!# shirts

Mia at 4 months

I used to tell Mia she was a big girl but Abby informed me that Mia is a baby, so now I tell her she is a big baby. And she really is, see below 🙂

4 month stats:
Wright: 18 lbs 5 oz, >97%
Height: 25.5 inches, 84%
Head: 95%

At 4 months Mia is holding her head and body up really well, she is working on sitting up.  She loves to grab things including food.  She got the ok to start solid food (shhh, she has already had some).  Mia sleeps 11-12 hours at night but is not as good about napping, she will wake up after 45 minutes, and I mean 45 minutes exactly. She is a very happy baby.  In the last couple days she had started sticking her tongue out. She must have seen me coming with the camera because she started pulling her tongue back in here …


Abby loves “school”

Abby had her second preschool “class” at the Ontario rec center yesterday.  She loves her “school” as she called i, In fact she wants to go everyday Ella goes to school.  Unfortunately the class is only on Mondays.  🙁

That class and Sunday school have given Abby a good incentive to use the potty – you can’t go if you pee your pants. She had a really bad week 2 weeks ago but then last week was good after we told her the rule about going to school.

Abby is also loving the warmer weather we are finally having.


Mia the talker

I don’t remember either Ella or Abby being quite so chatty …

[pe2-image src=”” href=”″ caption=”2013-04-05 20:27:46″ type=”video” alt=”2013-04-05 20:27:46″ ]