6 and 3 year old checkups

Ella and Abby finally had their yearly checkups yesterday. We waited a bit so that the girls could see their regular doctor. Both of them are doing well. Ella told the doctor all about how she loves school and art projects. Abby sang her ABCs and counted for the doctor. The doctor said to keep an eye on Abby’s speech, she sometimes found it hard to understand her. Abby tends to start running her words all together when she gets excited but if I ask her to repeat herself she will slow down and I can understand her.

Ella is probably getting to the point where she won’t want mommy to post her stats, but I thought it funny that her height and weight were the same. If all three girls continue on their current growth curves they will end up reverse of birth order – Ella will be the shortest, Mia the tallest, and Abby in the middle.

45.5 inches (50%)
45.5 lbs (52%)

38 inches (68%)
35.5 lbs (85%)