Mia is 2 months old

Mia’s 2 month check up was today.  Here are her stats …

Weight: 14lbs 9oz, >97%
Height: 23.5 inches, 80%
Head: 93%

She is officially chunky, just like her sisters!  Mia is longer than her sisters were at this point.  As a reference Ella and Abby were both 22.75 inches at 2 months old.  And Abby was only 2oz lighter than Mia. 

Mia is doing good she has started laughing at things and loves to kick her arms and legs.  She also loves to look to the right so she has exercise homework to look and stretch her neck to the left so she doesn’t get a noticeable flat spot on her head.  She is sleeping well and usually goes 8 or 9 hours at night now.  Yeah!