Monthly Archives: February 2013

Mia is 2 months old

Mia’s 2 month check up was today.  Here are her stats …

Weight: 14lbs 9oz, >97%
Height: 23.5 inches, 80%
Head: 93%

She is officially chunky, just like her sisters!  Mia is longer than her sisters were at this point.  As a reference Ella and Abby were both 22.75 inches at 2 months old.  And Abby was only 2oz lighter than Mia. 

Mia is doing good she has started laughing at things and loves to kick her arms and legs.  She also loves to look to the right so she has exercise homework to look and stretch her neck to the left so she doesn’t get a noticeable flat spot on her head.  She is sleeping well and usually goes 8 or 9 hours at night now.  Yeah!

Abby is 3!

It is hard to believe Abby is already 3.  She is a great big AND little sister.  She is working on potty training.  She does great when she wants to but she is even more stubborn than her big sister Ella.  Abby loves to dance and wear twirly dresses and skirts.  She loves to watch Mickey mouse clubhouse on tv.  She knows some of her letters and numbers and can count up to 20.  Abby and Ella play really nice together or they fight over a particular Barbie, nevermind that we have several other Barbies.  🙂

Strange logic

All of a sudden last week Abby started going on the potty all on her own about 99% of the time.  Jeremy and I told her how proud we were and that she could wear her princess underwear.  She did not want to do that!!  So when she started going in her diaper again yesterday I told her she better start going on the potty again or I would make her wear underwear.  And it worked, today she is using the potty again.  Hopefully she will eventually want to wear underwear. 

Happy 6th Birthday Ella!

I can’t believe my first baby is 6 years old today.  Ella enjoyed her birthday day at school yesterday.  They did it a day early because today was a half day and her teacher didn’t want Ella to feel left out that she only got to be the birthday kid for half the day.  Ella thought it was hilarious that they sang “how old are you … tomorrow” at school yesterday.

Ella is getting really tall, she has grown a couple inches this year.  She loves school.  She is reading and likes to draw pictures and write her own books.  She has already surpassed mommy in her drawing ability.  🙂 

We are having a combined party for Ella and Abby’s birthdays and Mia’s baptism on February 10th.  But here she is with her gift from mom and dad, a new scooter.  She had outgrown her old one.