Monthly Archives: December 2012

11:30? And 6 hours

What is it about 11:30-1:30 at night? For the past few nights Mia is up and fussy for those 2 hours, she just won’t settle down.  She doesn’t have that problem at any other time of day and mommy finds it quite annoying.  Last night she must have worn herself out because she slept for 6 hours after that.  Almost but not quite makes up for the stressful previous 2 hours.

Christmas Day

Christmas morning we opened presents from Santa. Abby got a crib for her baby dolls and Ella got Olivia’s house, a lego set targeted for girls. Grandma Mindy and Grandpa Greg came later in the day. Mark, Robyn, and cousins Anya and Quinn were planning to come over but Uncle Mark was sick with a fever and horrible cough so we agreed to get together in a couple of weeks when their family is feeling better.

Ella and Abby modeling their new hats and mittens Great Grammie Hebert made for them:

Daddy and Mia building Ella’s lego set:

Maria’s 1 werk checkup

Maria had her 1 week check up today, mostly to do a weight check.  Daddy was off work today so he took Maria in the office.  Mommy stayed in the car with a sleeping Abby, who was having an exciting day since we went to mommy’s doctor this morning.

Maria did so well, she weighed 8 lbs 10 oz, that she doesn’t have to go back until 1 month. Yeah!

Mia’s first checkup

Mia had her first checkup today.  She did great. But she definitely did not like getting her heel pricked again for another jaundice test.  The doctor called back with the results already and her levels are within the accepted range for her age.  She still has a slight orange tint to her skin but not bad at all.

Weight: 8 lbs 6 oz 72%
Height: 21 inches 88‰
Head: 14 inches 61‰

She is our biggest baby but she has the smallest head!