Ella’s first school cancellation

At 9pm last night Jeremy and I received a plethora of emails and phone calls that school would be cancelled on Tuesday October 30,2012. We both receive emails and they also robo call our home phone and both of our cells. I guess it is nice that we don’t have to huddle around the radio or TV waiting for them to get to your school (Webster in our case) in the school closing list like back in the olden days. 😉

When I woke her up this morning Ella was very disappointed there was no school. But she does get to play all day at Grammie Carol’s house since mommy’s work was not cancelled. I saw a couple of trees down on my way into work but nothing major. I guess it is still pretty windy up by the lake and there are some people without power but at our house and out in Henrietta it seems like a whole lot of hoopla for nothing.