Monthly Archives: October 2012

Ella’s first school cancellation

At 9pm last night Jeremy and I received a plethora of emails and phone calls that school would be cancelled on Tuesday October 30,2012. We both receive emails and they also robo call our home phone and both of our cells. I guess it is nice that we don’t have to huddle around the radio or TV waiting for them to get to your school (Webster in our case) in the school closing list like back in the olden days. 😉

When I woke her up this morning Ella was very disappointed there was no school. But she does get to play all day at Grammie Carol’s house since mommy’s work was not cancelled. I saw a couple of trees down on my way into work but nothing major. I guess it is still pretty windy up by the lake and there are some people without power but at our house and out in Henrietta it seems like a whole lot of hoopla for nothing.

Jeremy needs to take some lessons from his grandfather …

Jeremy’s grandparents have been married for 64 years. This past weekend they said a special blessing for them at church. When the priest asked what their secret was Jeremy’s grandfather answered they never had a fight that he won. I think that sounds like a great philosophy! 😉

Here is picture of 5 their 6 (soon to be 7) great grandkids at the family party after church. Baby Izabelle was busy being passed around by all the adults who wanted to hold her. More pictures from the party in in the photo gallery here.

“It’sa green”

Abby has been waking up and crying between 5:30 and 6 in the morning. She used to just gather up her stuff (giraffe, baby doll, baby bottle, a book or two) and come to our room. My thought was that since it is still dark in the morning she wasn’t sure if she should get up yet. So we got her a clock that we can program to turn green when it is time to get up. We picked 6am in hopes that she might start sleep a little later. Well the past 2 days she has been at our door before the clock even clicks over to 6:01 saying “Mommy, Daddy, it’sa green”. And that is not a typo Abby actually says “it’sa” not “it’s a”. She must be channeling her Italian heritage.

Abby’s Knock Knock Joke

Yesterday Abby told me a knock knock joke. It went something like this …

Abby: knock, knock
Mommy: who’s there?
Abby: Baby
Mommy: Baby who?
Abby: Ummmm …. Baby … Quinn(?)

I’m not even sure where she got the idea of a knock knock joke, I don’t remember seeing one on a tv show with her. It was funny, she didn’t really know what to do for the punch line. The Quinn part was more of a question.

Fun Run

Ella had a cross country fun run yesterday at school.  The Kindergarteners ran just over a quarter of a mile.  They split the kids up into groups somewhat based on ability I think for a staggered start.  Abby and I went to watch and cheer her on.  She did great, I think she was one of the first of her group to finish but it was hard to tell since there wered over 100 kids running.  Ella is in light purple pants and a bright turquise shirt, hopefully you can spot her in the photos.  The first one is at the starting line, the second is running the last leg and the last one she is at the end of the race.