Monthly Archives: September 2012

Big Girl Abby

I took this picture yesterday to show Jeremy how Abby had me do her hair. After I sent it I took a closer look and couldn’t believe how much older she looked in the picture. I guess I just hadn’t noticed ‘in real life’. As Abby likes to tell me “Abgail big girl mommy”. She always calls herself Ab-gail, not Abby or Abigail.


School update

Ella has finished a week and a half of school.  She seems to really like it but if you ask her she will say “I think I like school” or “School is boring sometimes”.  But she will come home and play school with Abby so she can’t hate it too much. 
They have lunch at 11 and then recess after that.  A snack and quiet time in the afternoon.  Small group ‘centers’ work in the morning and more general large group lessons in the afternoon.  Gym is 3 days a week and then art and music once a week.  So far riding the hot bus has been her least favorite part but it is cooling down now so the heat won’t be as much of an issue anymore.

More new stuff

Just in case the day wasn’t exciting enough with new school (Ella) and a new bed (Abby) we also got a new-to-us car today.  Nick, Nicole’s dad, finally found a minivan at auction for us after looking for a couple of months.  It is a 2007 Dodge Grand Caravan SXT that we traded in the 2007 mazda5 for.   It was a trade made solely for more room – we will be able to transport 3 kids and dogs or BJS groceries at the same time!