Monthly Archives: July 2012

Scary Santa

One of Abby’s favorite books of late is a Little People lift the flap book about Christmas. Earlier this week when we were reading it I pointed to Santa and asked her if she knew who it was and she said “Santa”. I then asked her if she was going to sit on his lap this year and tell him what she wanted for Christmas. Her matter of fact response was “No … I scared of him!”.

Cone of shame

Claire has had a golf size lump that we have been watching for the past year or so.  Well on Wednesday night it burst … gross!!!  After getting it cleaned out by the night emergency vet she was given a cone of shame. 


Claire did not adapt to the cone very well.  She kept running into walls and couldn’t figure out how to eat or drink.  So when we went back to our regular vet yesterday they gave us a doughnut of shame which she seems to deal with it a little better.