Monthly Archives: May 2012

3 month post LASIK checkup

I had my 3 month LASIK checkup last week. I had thought my eyes were doing better and the checkup proved it. My right eye is seeing a “good” 20/20 now. She said the right eye is down to 0 prescription. My left eye is a decent 20/25. She told me that last time it had been a slightly blurry 20/30. She said I still have a little bit of nearsightedness and little bit of astigmatism remaining in that eye. And the left eye is still more irritable than right and the quality of vision is very dependent on how wet/dry that eye is. I see great after putting drops in and it slowly wears off a few minutes later. So I have hope that it will continue to improve. The doctor was a bit surprised that eyes had improved, most people are pretty much the same at the 1 and 3 month appointments. So no talk of enhancements since they are still changing. I am hoping the left eye will improve a little more and then I won’t be tempted to do an enhancement. 😉

Problem in the Bathroom

We attended a party at a friend’s house over the weekend.  Many of the people there were French, so we were actually preparing Ella for the fact that a lot of the kids would speak English as a second language so she would be understanding if they didn’t understand her right away, but it seems as though we should have prepared her for more mundane things.  A couple hours into the party the host found us and said that Ella was, “Having trouble in the bathroom.”

Turns out she wanted to wash her hands but, seeing no soap, wasn’t sure what to do.  Well, there was soap, but she had never seen *bar* soap before and had no idea what it was.  Poor Ella!