Monthly Archives: April 2012

Ella, the personal trainer

Last week Jeremy was out of town for work. When I put Ella down for bed on Sunday night I told her that I was going to go work out in the basement and I wouldn’t hear her if she called from her bed which she does sometimes. I told her if it was really important she could come downstairs and get me. After going over what would be something really important I went down and exercised. Well come Wednesday night I was a tired and a little sore so i decided to read for a little bit and go to bed early. At about 8:00 Ella comes into my room and states “I noticed that you didn’t go in the basement to work out tonight”. I told her that my muscles were tired and sore so i decided not to lift weights. Her response was “So … no exercise today?”. I explained that I did get some exercise (playing chase, pulling her and her sister in a wagon while walking the dogs) and she eventually went back to bed. I didn’t realize I had to clear my exercise plans with my 5 year old. 🙂