Monthly Archives: March 2012

Are these tears??

6 week post Lasik my right eye seems to be starting to produce it’s own tears, yeah!! I can blink a few times and feel a little bit of moisture in that eye that was not artificially introduced with eye drops. So it seems that my right eye has started regenerating the nerves that were cut during lasik. Left eye is still more bothersome. It seems to be several weeks behind the right in terms of recovery.

I have also been driving a lot without my glasses the past week, it has been so sunny lately that I needed the sunglasses more. No headaches! Distant road signs are still a bit more blurry than I would like so if I was driving somewhere new I would probably still wear my prescription glasses.

1 month after Lasik

I had my one month post lasik checkup the end of last week. It was about what I expected based on how I was seeing. My eyes were definitely not any worse and better than a few weeks ago especially when they are not tired or dry. I was able to read the 20/20 line with my right eye, the 20/25 line with my left eye, and 20/20 with both eyes open. But even though I could read the lines they weren’t as crisp as they could be. The doctor went though the whole “which is better 1 or 2, 3 or 4” thing and came up with about with about the same perscription as last time, just a pinch better. I also had my checkup in the afternoon and I have noticed my vision is best in the morning. My right eye is not very dry anymore and left eye is better but still more irritable and drier than the right. Next appointment is in two more months which will be 3 months post surgery. The doctor did say if she had to guess she would think my vision would be about the same but more consistant throughout the day at that point. In which case I may have to think about an enhancement, especially for the left eye. But who knows how I will feel at that point.

Biking fun

Ella got a bike a couple weeks ago and the weather has been nice enough to play outside for a bit.  I could take a video but you might not be able to tell she is moving, at one point Abby was scootering faster than Ella.  Ella is just overly cautious about certain things, others not so much.  Yesterday she was climbing on top of her playhouse outside and was thinking about climbing from there onto her swingset.