1 week Lasik checkup

So it has been a long week. Some days were better than other, my vision was all over the place – things would be clear and then I would blink and then they were blurry. At points I doubted my decision to get the surgery. My eyes were really dry for the first 5 days or so and now seem to be getting a little better after stopping the steroid and antibiotic drops. I can now go 30-40 minutes without needing artificial tear drops and my vision has stabilized but does degrade slightly in the evening. I was also told no more googles at night, yeah!

The day after the surgery I tested at 20/20 in the right eye and 20/25 in the left. I’m not quite sure I believe that since my vision was so unstable at that point, but I could read the lines somewhat.

Yesterday the assistant tested my eyes at 20/20 in the right and 20/40 in the left, which was about what I was expecting based on my vision but it was still disappointing to hear. I can still read really well and now I can work on the computer which I couldnt’ do before the surgery. My distance vision is still not all there, I can drive but can’t really read the street signs until I am right on top of them. This has been giving me major eye strain headaches if I have to drive more than 10 minutes. When the optometrist rechecked my left eye I also questioned the 20/20 reading in my right eye, I could read the letters but they were blurry. I think it was really more like 20/25. They gave me some glasses (yes, if you spend $4000 on eye surgery they will have you a pair of $100 glasses for free) so that I can drive without pain and they even rushed the order for me to get them the next day. SO MUCH BETTER!! No headaches driving today. As a side note you only need to be 20/40 to pass your drivers test and that scares me somewhat. I was testing at 20/40 and would not feel comfortable driving if I didn’t know exactly where I was going.

My eyes are still healing so there is a chance they will get better in the next month or two. So I have hope that my right eye will improve to a good 20/20, I’ll have to wait and see on the left. I may need to make a decision about an enhancement at the 3 month mark. So far I am satisified but not pleased with the surgery since I can function without glasses/contacts but it would be so much better if I didn’t need any glasses.