Abby is 2!!!

Our baby is 2 now. Not 3 or 8 like she will tell you if you ask her how old she is. They just can’t wait to grow up. 😉

Abby and Ella had their yearly checkup yesterday. Here are Abby’s stats:

Weight – 31 lbs, 5oz – 92%
Height – 35″ – 80%
Head – 64%

The doctor said Abby was doing great. She says at least 20 words and understands way more than that. I did ask about the fact that Abby will only say the first part of a word a lot of time (Juice is jew and book is boo) and that is perfectly normal for this age. And she knows some animals and animal sounds, and body parts. Everything looked great! No shots this time but we do have to go get some bloodwork done sometime this week.

Abby at 2:
* still loves her giraffe
* still sucks her thumb at night
* has started talking a lot more in the past few weeks
* really likes to read books
* is getting good at using a fork and spoon
* can drink out of a regular cup
* wants to do whatever big sister Ella is doing.