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Party Pics

Ella and Abby’s combined Mermaid and Pirates party was a big success this past Sunday. We had make your own crowns and pirate hats, a treasure hunt (thanks to Daddy for making the treasure boxes), and make your own ice cream sundaes. Ella planned the activities and food for the party. I was leaning toward having it someplace to avoid having 30+ people cooped up in our house but Ella really wanted a treasure hunt. Here are a couple pictures of the birthday girls. There are lots more party pics here in the photo gallery. We have already tried out all the new toys, except the seeds. And Ella wanted to do those but I told her it was too soon to start seedlings that will go outside.



1 week Lasik checkup

So it has been a long week. Some days were better than other, my vision was all over the place – things would be clear and then I would blink and then they were blurry. At points I doubted my decision to get the surgery. My eyes were really dry for the first 5 days or so and now seem to be getting a little better after stopping the steroid and antibiotic drops. I can now go 30-40 minutes without needing artificial tear drops and my vision has stabilized but does degrade slightly in the evening. I was also told no more googles at night, yeah!

The day after the surgery I tested at 20/20 in the right eye and 20/25 in the left. I’m not quite sure I believe that since my vision was so unstable at that point, but I could read the lines somewhat.

Yesterday the assistant tested my eyes at 20/20 in the right and 20/40 in the left, which was about what I was expecting based on my vision but it was still disappointing to hear. I can still read really well and now I can work on the computer which I couldnt’ do before the surgery. My distance vision is still not all there, I can drive but can’t really read the street signs until I am right on top of them. This has been giving me major eye strain headaches if I have to drive more than 10 minutes. When the optometrist rechecked my left eye I also questioned the 20/20 reading in my right eye, I could read the letters but they were blurry. I think it was really more like 20/25. They gave me some glasses (yes, if you spend $4000 on eye surgery they will have you a pair of $100 glasses for free) so that I can drive without pain and they even rushed the order for me to get them the next day. SO MUCH BETTER!! No headaches driving today. As a side note you only need to be 20/40 to pass your drivers test and that scares me somewhat. I was testing at 20/40 and would not feel comfortable driving if I didn’t know exactly where I was going.

My eyes are still healing so there is a chance they will get better in the next month or two. So I have hope that my right eye will improve to a good 20/20, I’ll have to wait and see on the left. I may need to make a decision about an enhancement at the 3 month mark. So far I am satisified but not pleased with the surgery since I can function without glasses/contacts but it would be so much better if I didn’t need any glasses.

Abby is 2!!!

Our baby is 2 now. Not 3 or 8 like she will tell you if you ask her how old she is. They just can’t wait to grow up. 😉

Abby and Ella had their yearly checkup yesterday. Here are Abby’s stats:

Weight – 31 lbs, 5oz – 92%
Height – 35″ – 80%
Head – 64%

The doctor said Abby was doing great. She says at least 20 words and understands way more than that. I did ask about the fact that Abby will only say the first part of a word a lot of time (Juice is jew and book is boo) and that is perfectly normal for this age. And she knows some animals and animal sounds, and body parts. Everything looked great! No shots this time but we do have to go get some bloodwork done sometime this week.

Abby at 2:
* still loves her giraffe
* still sucks her thumb at night
* has started talking a lot more in the past few weeks
* really likes to read books
* is getting good at using a fork and spoon
* can drink out of a regular cup
* wants to do whatever big sister Ella is doing.

Ella at 5

* loves art projects, she makes several drawings a day
* still likes Barbies and horses/ponies
* likes to play her Leappad Santa got her for Christmas
* knows all her letters (most of the time)
* starting to sound out words
* remembers things you told her weeks ago but cannot remember that you asked her to pick up her room.
* asks what new words mean
* loves her sister and likes to “mother” her and younger cousins
* Occasionally throws a tantrum that makes mommy and daddy fear for the teenage years if this is what she is like at 5. 😉
* Seems to have grown quite a bit this year but we will see at her doctor’s appointment later this month.

Happy Birthday Ella!

My baby is 5!! *sniff*

We started the day by going to Target right after they opened to exchange the Rapunzel game Abby and I had gotten Ella earlier in the week. In my hurry I accidentally got leapster instead of the leappad version. Whoops! Ella had preschool this morning where she got to be the helper. The helper does the calendar and weather wheel and helps pass out snack (we made funfetti cookies). After preschool she came home and played her new game while Abby napped. We went to the mall when Abby woke up to pick out an outfit for the girls’ Build-A-Bear bears. Daddy had taken them to get the bears last weekend for their birthdays because he was going to be gone for work training this week. We had dinner, rode the carousel and went home to bed. Here are Ella and Abby on their horses.