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Peterson Christmas

Chistmas day afternoon we headed over to Mark and Robyn’s for dinner and presents. Mark and Robyn put on a great spread, we had turducken, vegetables, and homemade cranberry sauce. Grandma Mindy brought the lefse and Sarah had the hard task of making Jello and bringing wine! And here are some shots of the cute kids – we know that is who you are interested in seeing! 🙂

Cousin Anya:



All the pics from Christmas with Sarah’s side of the family are here in the photo gallery.

Breakfast with Santa

The Harrisons were nice and invited us to Breakfast with Santa at Wegmans again this year. Ella loved it she was so excited when she heard Santa’s jingling bells when he arrived. Abby liked Santa from afar but clung like a monkey to mommy when asked if she would like to go see Santa. So mommy sat next to Santa with Abby.




We know a few people who work for Wegmans so we all sat near each other, here are all the bigger kids. Sasha’s little siter Molly is only a month old. From left to right Evan and little brother Carter, Sasha, Abby, Ella, Emily and little brother Joey.

Lots more pictures in the photo gallery here.