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Jeremy’s video

I have no idea what is in this video. Jeremy told me made a video and “I don’t know how to do the video stuff so I guess you have to do it.” Evidentally looking at older posts to get the html tags was too difficult for him now that he is in management. 🙂

[mejsvideo src=””]

Trick or Treat!

Here is Ella ready to go out Trick or Treating. She is Rapunzel but refused to wear the wig she inisisted she needed 3 weeks ago or a crown so people could at least know she was a princess with her coat on. Argh…
Rapunzel Ella

And here are some pictures of the production to get Abby in some sort of costume. She refused to put on the or the cinderella dressup stuff she wore to a party last year. She did eventually consent to putting on her bear coat which we figured was close enough to a costume. Abby isn’t feeling the best but I knew she would be upset to see Ella come home with candy so Jeremy said he would take her out and bring her back after a house or two if she wasn’t having a good time.



The origin of man …

A couple of weeks ago we were out at dinner when Ella asks out of the blue “how can you be born if you are the first person and there are no mommy or daddy?”. After expressing astonishment at her random question we told her “God made the first people, remember?” She appeared to accept our answer. Last night we were reading in one of her books about plants and seeds and spores and she asked “How do you get a seed if there are no plants yet?” I said “Well, God made the first plants” and she replied, “But HOW did HE do it?”. I told her to add it to her list of questions for God and that maybe it was magic.