Monthly Archives: September 2011

Helping Hand

Ella was the “helping hand” at prescool yesterday.  She got to

* help with calendar, it was Wednesday the 14th
* check the weather, it was sunny
* help pass out snack, they had cookies
* help put up the flag
* be line leader

Ella really likes preschool so far.  Yesterday they did a worksheet on finding the longest pencil.  Later at home she made up a worksheet for me so I could find the longest line.  I got it right!  🙂

First Day of Preschool

Ella school
Ella survived her first day of preschool today. I think she was a little nervous last week thinking about it and then excited yesterday. She did seem a little nervous after I came in and dropped her off and told I would be back in a couple of hours. She asked “right now?” and I told her “no silly now now, you haven’t done anything yet”. When I picked her up she was all excited to show me the papers in her backpack.

And Abby survived too. I was a little worried about how she would do without Ella since she is almost always with her. She took the time to explore Ella’s stuff. She rode in Ella’s carseat on the way home, tested out Ella’s scooter and played with Ella’s princess cards. She was excited (clapped and said yeah) when I told her we had to go pick up her big sister.
Here is Abby contemplating what of Ella’s toys she should play with while Ella is gone.