Monthly Archives: August 2011

18 month checkup

Abby had her 18 month checkup this week.  Here are the official stats:

Weight 29 lbs 9 oz, 95%
Height 32.5 inches, 69%
Head 95%

So she is still growing well.  🙂   Abby did not like anything about the appointment, not getting weighed/measured, not letting the doctor listen to her heart, not getting her eyes ears and teeth checked, and definitely not the shots.  She passed autism screening with flying colors and the doctor was impressed with all she understands.  Not that she is behind in talking but the doctor said to make sure we try and get her to say stuff instead of of pointing or letting Ella speak for her.  Abby’s current word list is mama, Dada, Ella, ball, book, milk, juice, more, jack, dog, woof, go, and choo-choo and giraffe.  But it is amazing how many more she understands.

Ella and Abby also got their flu vaccines so they are all set on that front.  Ella actually got the flu mist instead of a flu shot.  She is very nerved up about shots so I decided to let her try the mist.  I thought she would hate it going up her nose but she didn’t mind at all.

The fighting has begun

Ella and Abby have started their life long process of sisterly fighting. They have started fighting over toys now. Abby wants to do anything Ella is doing and will just take toys away from Ella or mess up her baby doll tea party and Ella is very particular about how things are done. Abby is the bruiser, she will hit or throw things when she gets frustrated and Ella is the crier/tattle tale. My career as mommy the ref has started. 😉

Senior Checkups

My furbabies are considered seniors!! Lily and Claire had their yearly checkups today and the reminder message on the phone called it their senior checkups – at the ripe old age of 6 (Claire) and 7 (Lily). They are both pretty good. Lily’s twice a week prednisone treatment is still keeping her CMM in remission. She is slow to get up and moving sometimes but if you mention treat or walk she comes running so we are not too concerned. Claire has another lump on her side that the vet took a sample of and will do some testing. It appears to be just like the one she had a year ago. But overall they are both doing well for their advanced ages. 🙂

Ella’s speed titles

Today when shopping at the Target plaza with Ella in webster I was debating if we should walk or drive to the next store. I asked Ella for her opinion once I showed her how far it was, I didn’t want to have to carry her. And she told me “Mommy, we should just walk. I am the fastest walker in New York State you know”. I had to tell her no, I didn’t know that. And she went on to tell me that she was also the fastest scooterer. She did decide that next time “maybe we should just hop in the car because I am getting too sweaty” right as we got to the store. We ended up getting some princess sneakers on sale and that revived her enough to make it back to the car. 🙂