Ella and Abby both took swimming lessons this spring. By logging on the rec center system 1 minute after registration started I was able to get Ella and Abby lessons at the same time. (Earlier this year Ella missed out on some swimming lessons because I foolishly logged on an hour after registration started and they were all booked up!) Ella was in Tad Poles, a class with 5 other kids. Abby was in water babies with mom or dad and 15 other babies. Daddy took some videos and pictures the last day of class.

Ella Swimming
[mejsvideo src=”http://www.sjfrick.us/PhotoGallery/albums/may2011/EllaSwimming.wmv”]

[mejsvideo src=”http://www.sjfrick.us/PhotoGallery/albums/may2011/AbbySwimming.wmv”]

Lots of swimming pictures here.