Monthly Archives: May 2011

Abby’s 15 month checkup

Abby had her 15 month checkup yesterday. Her current stats are:

weight – 26 lbs 9oz, 91%
height – 31″, 63%
head – 97%

Her doctor said she is doing great. She said Abby has a “large vocabulary”. Abby says mama, dada, ella, dog, woof, ball and book. And she can sign milk, eat, all done, and bye-bye. The doctor asked how well Abby understands what we say and I told her how last week I was chewing some gum and Abby wanted some too. I told her that the rule was she couldn’t have gum until she went pee and poop on the potty. So Abby got up and walked into the bathroom. But mommy was mean and still wouldn’t give her any gum.

Ella’s Garden

Ella has been asking about planting a garden for months. We had started some flowers from seed a couple of weeks ago but I told her we had to wait until after daddy’s birthday to plant them outside. Sure enough Jeremy’s birthday passed and she started asking when we were going to plant them outside. After debating where we would put them in the yard we decided maybe something on the deck would be best so that Ella could go out and water them on her own. She can’t open the gate by herself yet to get in the backyard. So daddy built a deck box this weekend and this morning Ella, Abby and I planted the flowers. We had the seedlings that we had started, a few flowers that Grammie and Grandpa Frick had given her and some seeds that she had picked out at the store. It was an interesting planting experience. 😉 Ella was so excited she just kept trying to plant stuff and I was trying to supervise the plant placement and keep Abby from digging stuff up. We’ll have to see what we end up with when everything blooms.



More flower planting pics