Monthly Archives: March 2011

Ella’s Swimming Lesson

Ella had her last swimming class of this session on the 19th. The parents are only allowed to watch during the last class. Daddy took some cute videos of Ella and mommy spliced them together.

Ella is doing really well, her teacher this time was excellent. She knew just how to deal with Ella’s stubborness. Here teacher noted that Ella is “a strong-willed little girl” on Ella’s report card. I guess Ella would refuse to do things like jumping in or going underwater. Her teacher told her she had to go underwater once a lesson but she wouldn’t make her do it more than once. Next up is group lessons which Ella will start after Easter.

Ella Swimming
[mejsvideo src=””]

Dancing Abby

Abby is really into dancing these days. She dances to the intro music on Ella’s tv shows. Here is a video of her doing her favorite move – the walk and spin. Sometimes I think she does a little too much of the spin part and gets dizzy. Cameros are made by several disney princesses.

Abby Dancing
[mejsvideo src=””]

Fashionable Ella

ella outfit

Ella loves to pick out her outfits everyday.  On days I go to work I have to make sure I get her up eary enough so she has time to figure out what to wear.  Evidentally you just can’t rush these things – I know, I’ve tried.  Sometime in the past year Ella has become really girly.  Here is her outfit from Thursday, it is one of her more colorful options.

Abby and the dogs

We think Abby is hanging out with the dogs too much.  She loves to chew on socks and rip up paper to put in her mouth.  Both of which Lily and Claire love to do.  And today daddy caught Abby going through the garbage.  She was playing with the egg carton that was on top in the garbage can.  She is now officially smarter than the dogs since they haven’t figured out how to pull open the sliding garbage can in the cupboard.  😉