Happy Birthday Ella!

Ella is 4 today, how time flies. 🙂

Here are some things about Ella as a 4 year old …

– Abby, she loves her baby sister. And she is so good with her. She lets Abby play with her toys and watches out for her.
– horses, she has been into them for over a year now
– Disney princesses
Cyberchase tv show
– Scooby Doo and the gang, her pretend friends who come over and play quite often
– Barbies, especially princess Barbies
– swimming lessons and dance class at the rec center

– going to bed
– eating new foods or foods she thinks she doesn’t like

Favorite sayings:
– “Hi, how’s it doing?” is her way of answering the phone
– “Daddy/Mommy you’re just being kidding” now that she recognizes when we are teasing her
– Anything silly like “We should put on our bathing suit and go swimming in the snow”, sometimes she just wants to sit around and take turns thinking of funny things

Ella is working on learning and writing her letters/numbers. She can also recognize some written words. She is a quick learner but can get frustrated if something doesn’t come as easy as she thinks it should.