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4 and 1 year checkups

Ella and Abby had their 4 and 1 year checkups today. They both passed with flying colors.

Height – 40 1/8″ 60th%
Weight – 36lb 13oz 65th%
Ella had her first vision and hearing tests today. They used an eye chart with various symbols. The nurse brought Ella up close and asked her about all the shapes to see what she would call them before having her stand further away and cover one eye. For the hearing test she told Ella to say beep whenever she heard a beep. Ella tried to match the tone of the beep when she said beep. So there were some high pitched beeps and some lower ones. The doctor said Ella is doing very well and is almost a year ahead on some things. And the fact that she eats any vegetables at all makes her better than most 4 year olds.

Height – 29 3/8″ 59th%
Weight – 23lb 13oz 86th%
Head – 47.5 cm 96th%
Abby did not want to let the doctor listen to heart, look in her ears or look in her eyes. But mommy held her hands out of the way so the doctor could do her thing. And then poor Abby had to get 2 shots and get blood drawn. What fun! Ella was relieved she did not have to do either or those things. The doctor said Abby is doing great and will be running before we know it.

Abby is 1!!

Abby is thinking about walking on her own but hasn’t decided it is worth it for more than 4 or 5 steps.  She loves climbing the stairs and always checks to see if mommy remembered to shut the gate at the bottom of the stairs.

Abby will eat anything as long as she can feed herself.   She says mama, Ella, dada, and woof.  And she does sign language  for more, all done, and bye-bye.

Official height/weight stats to come at doctors appointment this week but in our non official opinion Abby is still chunky.  🙂

Another Birthday Party

Today Ella and Abby had their “friends” birthday party at Bounce-It-Out, a local place that has several of the bounce house/slides inside a big building. Mommy had taken Ella a few times in the past but Abby had never been. We were a little worried that Abby wouldn’t like it but once she got into it she loved it. They have a few of the smaller units reserved for kids 3 and under that Abby and cousins Rhory and Anya enjoyed playing on. Ella and the big kid 4 year olds had a blast and were running all over the place.

bounce it out

bounce it out

Tons more pictures in the Bounce-It-Out folder in the photo gallery.

Happy Birthday Ella!

Ella is 4 today, how time flies. 🙂

Here are some things about Ella as a 4 year old …

– Abby, she loves her baby sister. And she is so good with her. She lets Abby play with her toys and watches out for her.
– horses, she has been into them for over a year now
– Disney princesses
Cyberchase tv show
– Scooby Doo and the gang, her pretend friends who come over and play quite often
– Barbies, especially princess Barbies
– swimming lessons and dance class at the rec center

– going to bed
– eating new foods or foods she thinks she doesn’t like

Favorite sayings:
– “Hi, how’s it doing?” is her way of answering the phone
– “Daddy/Mommy you’re just being kidding” now that she recognizes when we are teasing her
– Anything silly like “We should put on our bathing suit and go swimming in the snow”, sometimes she just wants to sit around and take turns thinking of funny things

Ella is working on learning and writing her letters/numbers. She can also recognize some written words. She is a quick learner but can get frustrated if something doesn’t come as easy as she thinks it should.